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A Little About Me

Hey! Want to get to know me better?Early on in life, I worked at my father’s butcher shop. I would make ‘blood sausage’, head cheese, city chicken, & with the leftovers, dog food.Also helping with stocking and rotating inventory, the cash register for special needs customers, and free delivery to their home. All this gave me a lot of valuable customer experience.Following that, I took on a role as a supervisor at a local painting and decorating company. This role led to me starting my own business with my own painting & decorating company. Now, during the 2nd year of being in this new business, 3 of my friends approached me to join them at a real estate pre-licensing class. You see, I would be the 4th & we all would get a discount. So I did & we all passed the class & took the state exam. Only 2 of us passed, fortunately I was one. I was also the only one who took this as a career path for my family & myself. This was 1979 - seems like yesterday.Then interest rates went CRAZY, we’re talking 20%. So, being one to ‘roll with the punches, I pursued an opportunity to get into the radio business (WWWW & WABX)! No, not a DJ, but an account executive selling ‘On Air Advertising”. I learned so much from the ‘hands on marketing’ experience I was gathering - meeting with local businesses and helping them with successful promotions.As a ‘perk’, I got to meet many celebrities, attend many events & make some long time Friends!When my oldest son was born, I was ‘riding the Wave’ of joy and happiness. But it was the middle of the night, who could I call at that time? So, I called the ‘special number’ that rang at the broadcast booth & Doug Podell answered. After calming down to tell him the news, he played a song on the air & dedicated it to him! The song was “a do do do, a Da Da Da “ by the Police - How perfect!From these few years, I learned so much about marketing. How to, through discussion, find what a business is planning, when and who they want to attract.Then I, with their approval, would craft a plan to make their event a huge success. I am grateful to be able to bring this knowledge to my real estate clients, for their move.Since launching my real estate career in 1979, I've dedicated myself to mastering the intricacies of the industry.Now, with over four decades under my belt, I've seen it all, and I've learned the art of making property transactions not just successful, but also genuinely enjoyable for my clients.My educational background from Grosse Pointe South High and Grand Valley State University has provided a solid foundation, but it's the real-world experience that truly sets me apart.